• Mark Westbrook

5 Reason to do a Foundation Acting Course.

Why should you do anything? Why do you get up in the morning? Why wash your face? Why leave the house? Why face the world? 

Everyday we are met with questions as per why we do the things we fact this forms the foundation of all acting. Why do we do the things we do and what actions will we take to do them. Sometimes we need a bit of advice as to where we should go and nowhere is that more relevant than when deciding what to do as you approach your Actor training. 

So in the great format of the listicle, I give you the 5 Reasons to do a Foundation Acting Course. 

Because you want something different.

Are you trapped doing something you hate?  Something mundane that gives you no opportunity to be creative or express. Are you staring a spreadsheet, waiting for Friday and then getting the Sunday dreads a mere 40 hours later? A foundation acting course allows you to dip your toes into something new. It's not a three or four year commitment, but it will give the absolute beginner a place to start at a fraction of the cost. 

Because you can’t just perform for Grandma forever.

Perhaps you’ve done a play in Drama, or an Am Dram production and you think you are ready to face the business head on. Wrong. This is where a foundation acting course is vital. Where as we learn to face front and smile and dance for grandma in the early stages of our love of acting it is paramount that you learn the realities and techniques that come with acting as a profession.

Because you want to learn how to use your body and voice effectively.

A foundation acting course will help you delve into the cornerstones of the craft in a way that will be beneficial in your everyday life. Classes in Movement will let you learn how your body works, how to use it to express yourself, and how to correct the bad habits that form over a lifetime. Equally important is the control of your voice. Knowing how to use your instrument to maximum effect creates a well rounded person, as well as performer. 

Because you want to study in an atmosphere that is open, honest and built on trust.

Taking a foundation acting course isn't like any other educational experience you may have encountered in your academic life thus far. Nowhere else will you find an atmosphere of honest and non judgemental exploration into yourself and your ability to express. You will finish your acting course with a solid understanding of who you are and where to go next. 

Because you MUST.

Look at the questions in the first part of this blog...(I’ll wait.) All of them have the same answer: Because I need to. The number one reason to partake in any form of training (especially an Acting Course) is because you have an unquenchable need to do it. Do you love anything else as much as Acting? Yes? Go do that. Although its an oft quoted mantra, it sticks in the lexicon of acting because it’s true. The business is hard, and you have to love it otherwise no acting course will do you any justice. 

Break a leg.

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