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5 Ways to ROCK your Foundation Acting Course Audition

You have decided to take the first step into your training and you have an audition for a foundation acting course. Great. You’re getting nervous, self doubt is creeping in and you’re already sweating despite the fact that the audition is still six weeks away. Fear not, here are the 5 ways you can ROCK your foundation acting course audition.

Do your research.

Chances are you will be auditioning for a panel of one or more individuals that has been within the field for a good number of years and the last thing you want to do when approaching an acting course is wing it. You MUST KNOW SOMETHING. The amount of auditionees who respond to questions with “I don’t know” is baffling. It’s a good idea to know some history of both the institution that you’re meeting with and the individuals who will be auditioning you. Why have you decided to lay your soul bare before these people and this school? If you “Don’t know” then “Why are you here?”

Speak the speech...I PRAY YOU...but also...DO YOUR RESEARCH.

First of all...SPEAK UP! Auditors need to hear you. This isn’t the time to internalise and whisper...Moving on. There is a lot of dramatic text out there and when auditioning for a foundation acting course you need to make selections that are going to bolster and support you as a performer and show the best side of you. Look to the stipulations set forth by the school...ignore them at your peril. One Classical & One Contemporary contrasting monologues at 2-3 min each means just that...nothing else...don’t chance it! Next, you need to be sure that you read the plays or see the full context of your pieces. Remember those auditors will more than likely know the plays your pieces come from, bs-ing your answers on questions concerning plot, space and time are not going to fly.

Dress to as you would for any job interview. Exude professional, but with an expression of self.

In my years of auditioning in New York City there was nothing worse or more cringe worthy than seeing an actor come to an audition in full costume. The Checkovian Girl would come to auditions in a full victorian era gown and never once did I not see the audition assistant’s eyes pop and subsequently die upon seeing her. Of course you want to make an impression but making the wrong one will hinder more than help. You should come into your acting course audition comfortable, (you need to be able to breath) but put together with some indication of your personal style. Let your acting and your presence do the work at your audition...not a floor length gown circa 1890.

Know your body language.

Uncross your arms, stop picking your face, leave your hair alone and for goodness sake PLANT YOUR FEET. As an auditor I am always watching body language as often they give me clues as to a person’s inner workings. If you’re doing any of the above in your foundation acting course audition, I would call you on your ability to focus. Take your time before the audition to make sure you are warmed up both physically and vocally. If your pieces have movement, make that movement succinct, don’t wander. If you go into an audition without focus, the auditors will find it hard to focus on you. 

To thine own self...

The last and most important way to rock your foundation acting course is to have the right mindset. Being a nervous wreck, an underprepared amature, and a tempest of self doubt will always read to your auditors. They want you to do well. Trust me there is nothing more painful than watching a bad audition. It’s not fun, it hurts on both sides of the table. The way beyond all the nerves in knowing yourself, and presenting to the auditors the following “This is me...or don’t...but I’ve done my work, and here is my show. Thanks.” By just thinking about this for a moment before you enter the room you will affirm to yourself that you’ve got this, and everything after, will be approached with an open, calm and honest audition that will hopefully see you to a place on your acting course. 

Also...PleaseThank You...All the best in with the rest of your auditions.


Michael-Alan Read

Foundation Course Acting Leader

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