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7 Strategies for your Foundation Acting Course Audition

In a hallway with eight other people all mouthing speeches by Shakespeare, Miller and Schaffer you sit nervously awaiting your audition for your foundation acting course. Nerves are setting in and perhaps you have completely lost the plot and have no idea why or what you are doing here. What kind of person stands in front of total strangers, pretends to be someone else for a few fleeting moments and opens themselves to the inevitable onslaught of their opinions?

The best kind of person there is!

All joking aside, auditioning is an artform within itself and if you are auditioning for an acting course here are seven strategies to get you golden.

Choose the right pieces.

It is important that you do a bit of work before auditioning for your acting course. First and foremost you want to make sure you follow the stipulations requested by your auditors. If they ask for two contrasting monologues, classical and contemporary they mean just that. Selecting monologues can be tricky, but it’s often a good shout to do something that fits within a role that you could presumably play in real life. Avoid monologues that are too “blue” (vulgar language or situations) as this is your first meeting with the school, and a stream of obscenities isn’t the best way to form a first impression. Read the plays that the monologues come from and do a quick google to make sure that your selected piece isn't overdone. If you are going to tell us about Queen Mab, you better be able to do it better than the first hundred actors the auditors have seen do it before you. 

Warm Up

Avoid alcohol and smoking for at least a week before your acting course audition. Your voice needs to be in prime working order. Be sure to get adequate amounts of sleep as well.  Do your physical and vocal warm ups before you arrive. You may be given a space to do this in, but there is no guarantee and you don't want to be caught off guard. Also take a moment to check in with yourself and check your nerves. Your mental warm up is just as important as your physical one. What’s the worst thing that can happen? Will you die? NO! Then just enjoy the ride. 

Arrive Early

There is a mantra in acting: If you are early, you’re on time. If you are on time, you’re late. And if you are late, its unacceptable. Don’t be late.


Believe it or not, if you don’t breathe, you die. Practice taking deep breaths into the tummy as you wait for your acting course audition. It will increase blood flow, calm the nerves and put you in your best state to use your body, voice and mind to its maximum effect. 


The auditors need to be able to hear you, and they need to hear you clearly. This is not the place to try out some internalised whisper acting. You are being assessed on your vocal abilities at the same time as your acting and movement, so be heard. 

Be Human

The auditors want you to do well. No one wants your audition for an acting course to go badly, but one of the ways it can is by projecting yourself to be someone you aren’t. You need to be ready to show the best version of who you are. What you don’t want is to ring false. Answer questions honestly. Be ready to admit your failings, and be proud of the things you do well. Remember to say please and thank you...little things that go a long way in making a big impression. 

Let it go

The process of auditioning for a foundation acting course can be trying, but ultimately you need to remember that this 10-15 min of your life is just a blip. Go into that room, give them the best of yourself, and if they don’t like it. Tough. Take their feedback, reflect on it, and decide what to do next, but don’t ever let your self worth be determined by what anyone in the business thinks of you. If you want it, keep listening, keep growing, and keep trying. 

Break a Leg.

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