• Mark Westbrook

Can A Foundation Acting Course Help You Get Into Drama School?

A foundation acting course is a great way to hone your skills as an actor, and help you get your feet onto the ladder of success. It will furnish you with a great variety of techniques to improve your acting, and help you enormously with issues that you have. But can it get you into drama school?

Well, the answer is no, not by itself. Sorry if that’s not what you wanted to hear! The good news, however, is that it does make you far more likely to be accepted. Yes, you’ll have to work at it - but that’s just life, isn’t it? A foundation acting course will help you grow and develop far more than you ever thought possible, making it much more likely that you will be accepted into drama school. How will it do this?

You will learn valuable acting skills. Although acting runs through your veins and you can’t think of anything else you would be any good at, chances are you could benefit from some specialised acting lessons to help you become even better. Learning about different stage techniques and acting tips will improve your acting no end.

The chance for public performance will give you useful experience. A foundation acting course will give you the opportunity to strut your stage stuff in front of a real live audience, which certainly helps separate the wheat from the chaff, as it were. If you find that you cannot perform in front of an audience, then you may find that you are better suited to a career behind the camera - this is the sort of thing that a good drama school can help you discover.

Audition training to help you wow just about anyone. When you are applying for drama school, you need to audition for your place. Learning useful audition tips to help you grab your small audience by their fundamentals will dramatically (excuse the pun) increase your chances of being accepted. No more worries about freezing up, panicking or forgetting what you have practised - you will be furnished with useful audition training on a good foundation acting course.

Head shots and voice reels. These are your acting CV, and to have a really good one improves your chances of getting a good shot at drama school. A truly high quality acting course will provide you with professional versions of these things to help you on your way.

Specialist acting coaching. If you are canny enough to have found your way onto a really exceptional foundation acting course, you will get the chance for some coaching from actors who have been in the business for years and years, and can help you with every little problem you ever had - and even those you didn’t know you had!

As you can see, a foundation acting course cannot promise to get you enrolled in drama school without you doing anything at all - but it can help massively improve your chances of finding your dream course.

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