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HNC Acting Course Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t have any acting experience, can I apply?

Absolutely! The Foundation HNC in Acting and Performance is a course designed to allow you to take your first steps into professional drama education. Through exploration of Acting, Voice, Movement teamed with three public performances, even the total beginner will find the course extremely valuable in their development.

How do I apply?

Applications are rolling throughout the year. Intake for the current calendar year closes in the first week of September. 

Is there an audition?

Yes. Prospective students are asked to perform two contrasting monologues of their choice. These most often are from plays, but film and television monologues are acceptable as well. They can be classical, contemporary, or one of each. 

What opportunities will I have after graduation?

Graduates of the Foundation course will have all the tools necessary to begin auditioning for further education in drama schools as well as have the opportunity to continue onward with Acting Coach Scotland’s Professional Course which prepares actors to enter the Industry as a full fledged member of Spotlight. 

What is the cost? Is there a sponsorship or funding available?

Like all things, you get what you pay for..and as we offer a professional course there is a cost. The current fee for the year is £5,000 (which can be paid in installments) with a £250 registration fee. For eligible students funded by SAAS, they will pay £1205 of your fees with the remainder covered by your Student Loan. You may also be entitled to bursaries from the Scottish Government.


Where is the course based and what age group is it for?

The course is designed to give anyone a solid foundation in Acting and Performance. Whether you have just left school or want to pursue a passion that you have left behind this is the course for you. On average our students have ranged from 19-30. The course is based in Glasgow, Scotland at Acting Coach Scotland’s studios. 

What sort of hours does the course run?

The course runs Monday - Friday 10am-4pm with a lunch between classes. From 4pm-6pm students are given practice time within the studio to rehearse and develop as a team. Fridays are self led, but on occasion they are used to deliver additional workshops or for assessment.

Is this course suitable to help get into drama school?

YES! More than any other course here at ACS, the foundation is there for those who want to hone their skills to prepare for the next step. Through our extremely successful Monologue Technique and a devoted course in Audition Psychology we give you the tools you need to nail your auditions. 

When do the auditions take place?

Auditions are without charge and take place at ACS Studios in Glasgow, or via Skype. They are attended by the course leader and one or two of the other coaches. We want to get to know the person and the actor, so auditions begin with an interview and are followed by your pieces. Each audition is given around 40 minutes. 

How old do you have to be to join the course? Is there an age limit?

ACS auditions students from 17 years of age, and there is no limit on age for anyone who would like to audition for the course.

Michael-Alan Read

Foundation Acting Course Leader

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