• Mark Westbrook

How Do I Become An Actor?

You know you want to become an actor, you’ve spent your life performing and you can’t imagine any other career than being on the stage. But how do you actually go about becoming an actor? There are many roads to go down if you haven’t already been whisked off the stage by a casting director at your local am-dram performance.

Take lessons. All the best actors have spent time learning how to be the best that they can be - even the ones who were discovered without acting classes go back to improve their skills retrospectively. A good acting class will teach you all sorts of techniques and give you piles more self confidence so you can go on to live your dreams.

Do an HNC acting course. This is a precursor to getting into acting college; it will not only look really good on your CV, but it will also help you enormously in terms of learning new things. The best HNC courses will give you acting experience, new techniques, and help to crack auditions.

Get an agent. This is a tricky thing to do if you have not been to acting college or at the very least had some lessons, but it can happen. You will have to spend a lot of time promoting yourself and sending your CV to a lot of agencies, and you should prepare yourself for a lot of rejection (sorry to be harsh, but it’s the truth!)

Be patient and persistent. You won’t get anywhere in the acting world unless you develop an incredibly thick skin, and the ability to shove yourself ruthlessly in the faces of people who might potentially hire you. Don’t expect success to land on your lap straight away; just keep plugging at it.

Go to acting college. This is a great route to follow, as casting directors will be more likely to hire you if you have good experience under your belt, which is one of the many things a good acting course will give you. It can be hard to break into a decent acting college, but if you work on your skills, your interview questions and your CV then you should stand as good a chance as any.

Act. This may sound like a silly thing to suggest to someone who is looking for answers to how to become an actor, but the truth is you won’t get better unless you actually act. Join your local theatre group and get out of (or into) your comfort zone on stage! The more experience you have the better.

If you want to be an actor, you must be willing to put in a lot of hard work. But that’s the same for any career, isn’t it? If you love it enough it won’t feel like hard work (except when the rejections come in. I have no advice for that apart from: stock up on the tissues, then get back out there and try again.)

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