• Mark Westbrook

How Do I Know If I Have Found The Right HNC Acting Course?

You’ve got yourself a place on one off the highly sought-after acting courses? Congratulations! You must be very happy. But are there niggling doubts creeping in before you actually start? (Or worse, after you have started?) How do you know you have found the right foundation acting course, one that will stretch you and grow you and prepare you fully for the industry you dream of taking by storm? Let’s make a little check list, so you know you’re on the right course:

- Are you getting lots of opportunity to act? This may sound like a no brainer, but some acting courses don’t actually offer you much opportunity to, well, ACT. If the class sizes are too large, for example, you may find it difficult to get time on the stage.

- Do you get audition coaching? Auditions are some of the hardest nuts to crack, mainly due to those lovely little nagging self doubts that the vast majority of us suffer from. If you get good audition coaching you can find ways to put these down, and make the very most of every audition you ever take.

- Are your teachers professionals? I mean professional actors, of course (hopefully your teachers are professional teachers, directors etc - otherwise I’d recommend that you get off the course pretty sharpish and demand your money back). You need to be taught be people who have worked in the industry and know the ins and outs of it, otherwise how can they teach you all about it?

- Do you have a chance for public performance? If you aren’t able to stand up in front of an audience without fluffing your lines or passing out from stage fright then you may as well pack up and retrain as a vet. You need the opportunity to test your public acting skills; without this the there’s not much point of your foundation acting course.

- Are you getting specialist training? Any acting course worth anything will offer you acting training, along with other key techniques for actors, such as voice and movement coaching, or some other specialist coaching?

- Do you enjoy it? Obviously, there will be hard days, and days where you feel you can’t act for toffee and should just give up. This is completely normal! But, you are embarking on a course doing something you love and feel passionate about it, so if the bad days outweigh the good then chances are you’re on the wrong foundation acting course.

There are a lot of things that separate a good acting course from a bad one, and most of these things can be found on the list above. If your course doesn’t include all of the things on this check list, then start shopping around to find one that does! You won’t regret it; the best foundation acting course will set you up with all the skills you need to become a professional actor.

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