• Mark Westbrook

How to find the best foundation acting course?

You’ve more than likely just done a Google and been assaulted by so many foundation acting courses (HNC’s) that your head is spinning. Choosing how to continue onward with your actor’s training is daunting but there are some criteria that you can determine for yourself early on in your search that can lead you to not only the best foundation acting courses out there, but also the best foundation acting course for you. 


Although is may seem vulgar to talk about money when you have a relentless passion for acting, but we have to live in the real world, and in that world, finances and remuneration are very much a reality. Depending on where you reside a foundation acting course may be partially funded with the ability to take out student loans to recover the remaining costs. Shop around, pricing can be competitive and there are numerous grants and trust you can apply to that may help support your education.


The next major factor in deciding where to take your acting course in location. Across the United Kingdom alone there are over 26 foundation acting courses. You need to look at location hand in hand with cost, as they tend to affect each other. The further from your home base, the higher the cost. The larger the city, the higher the cost. When looking at location you want to then look at what the surrounding communities have to offer. What is the theatre and film scene in a place like Inverness vs Glasgow vs London? By finding a balance you will find the best foundation acting course for you, but chances are the best acting courses will be in places with the communities in place to support them. 

But which ones are really the best?

Once you have looked at the qualities of cost and location we need to look at what makes a foundation acting course worth taking. Any acting course should have a strong focus on developing your skills in Acting, Voice, and Movement to a professional standard. This means looking into the teachings of masters in those fields such as Stanislavsky, Meisner, Chekhov, Linklater, Laben, Lecoq and Alexander. In addition to this the course needs to give you multiple production units to perform in front of the public. If an acting course is entirely internal in its production aspects, run. Lastly to find the best, you need a course that also offers training in Shakespeare, Acting for the Camera and Audition prep. Finding a course with all of these components can be tricky, but ultimately anything less and you are doing yourself a detriment. 

By weighing out the cost, and location you will be able to whittle down the prospects to those acting courses that are best for the reality of your personal situation. By then holding up a magnifying glass to their individual curriculums you will be able to narrow it down to one or two amazing foundation acting courses that will give you the training you need to begin your training as a professional actor.

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