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Should I do a HND Acting and Performance at college or Drama at University?

Drama at university or an HND Acting and Performance? That's often a troubling question that many people have to contend with when they are at the crossroads of choosing their career path in the performing arts.

It goes without saying but the one that's perfect for you is the one that's aligned with your goals. Here are a few of the considerations you'll need to make for your choice to be more informed.

Theory or Practice?

If you like the theoretical aspects of the performing arts, a degree might be for you. However, most undergraduate degree courses in drama - and even some in acting, might not prepare you for the career as an actor.

Those who want to finish studying and have a better experience of getting into the field of acting are certainly better off by going for an HND Acting and Performance. By the time one graduates, it's more than likely that they will have the required skills to make a true mark and kickstart their career.

Another advantage of this route's practical approach is that it allows learners to get to know themselves well as a performer. The continued practice allows them to refine their abilities and focus on their unique strengths. For those who opt for a drama degree, the true process of self-discovery as an actor probably starts much later.

What are your goals?

Another thing that's worthwhile to consider is what your goals and ambitions are. Those who want to stay in academia might feel that a drama degree is the more sensible option, given the weight it puts on theory or academics.

An HND in acting and performance doesn't necessarily neglect theory, but it it does not focus upon it like academic courses too. Actually, what it does it give you the practise on which the theory is based.

In The End

If you want to be an actor, you need skills like movement, voice, accents, script analysis, monologue technique, storytelling, acting for camera - and lots and lots of experience of public performance with professional level feedback. A HND Acting and Performance is the type of course that gives you these professional skills and experience. It is highly unlikely that you would receive this opportunity in university.

If you're thinking about training as an actor, think about the HND Acting and Performance at Acting Coach Scotland, the professional actor training with over 30 public performances and a full term of professional acting for camera training - and a full run at the Edinburgh Fringe.

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