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What Should The Perfect HNC Foundation Course Include?

If you are determined to become a professional actor, you probably know by now that not all HNC foundation courses are equal. Each will offer different structured courses or different teaching techniques, so it can be confusing to know which one you should really spend your time and effort trying to get on to. Let’s have a look at the most perfect HNC foundation course out there:

Acting technique is, of course, essential. It wouldn’t be an acting course if it didn’t actually teach you how to act! The same goes for voice and movement coaching - you need to know how to use your body and your voice to their fullest potential to get anywhere in the acting business. Production is another essential part of the course, so that you know what goes on outside of the actual acting bit. But these are just the basics; you are, of course, looking for a course that will push you even further and hone your skills even more.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could find a course that offered you coaching from industry professionals? This is a great addition to any HNC foundation acting course; professionals who have already been there and done that will really add to your bag of acting tricks as they have experience in the field.

Public performances are also absolutely necessary for your acting course. Without this, how do you know that you won’t crumple like a flower in winter when you stand in front of an audience which consists of more than just your parents or your peers?

Acting for camera is another box to tick, especially if you dream about acting in films, soaps or anything else on TV (just, please, for your ow sanity - stay away from Love Island).

Personal audition coaching is a very useful addition to any HNC foundation course. You need to know how to grab your audience from the first second, so that you can land those big parts, and help from those who have done it a million times over will be very helpful to you.

Mock auditions are a great way to practise all that you have learned, and if these take place with industry professionals who can give you useful feedback, then so much the better!

Small class sizes, no more than 12, is another thing that you should be looking for on your perfect course. This way you will get far more support and one to one time, plus you should also get far more acting time than if you were in a larger group. The chance to go further may not be the first thing on your mind when you’re looking for the perfect HNC foundation course, but it is also very important - otherwise what are you going to do when the course is over? Look for a course that offers the next step in your acting training, just in case you haven’t been offered the part of the next James Bond after the end of your first year.

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